About this project

Our program is officially launched!  We are planning for this to be a year-round program. You are free to join whenever you wish. This Program is designed to help students keep up with their reading. We hope that this will motivate students around the world to read more books as well as try new 

What Do I need to Do?

  1. Sign in to the Program by filling out the google form
  2. Pick out a book to read or look at the reading list for recommendations  
  3. Keep us updated! Fill out the google form each month on what books you read (if you have any recommendations make sure to tell us!

Google Forms (must fill out)

Registration Form – https://forms.gle/Uq2CNayLrwTkBVky7 Monthly Update Form – https://forms.gle/Lnwk9tQC5CrwszPdA