Vertex International School

Donate For Dreams visited Vertex International located In Kegalle, Sri Lanka. They taught the students many things ranging from their experience in America, geography, art, and the history of the American Flag. 

Swarna Jayanthi Girls’ Orphanage

 Donate For Dreams went to the Swarna Jayanthi Girl’s Orphanage in Kegalle, Sri Lanka. They provided the students with school supplies including backpacks, pencils, and books. The team used money raised from the fundraiser to provide lunch for the students. The students celebrated by singing and dancing. 

Pahala Galkandegama School

The Donate For Dreams members visited the Pahala Galkandegama Vidyalaya Punewa in Medawachchiya, Sri Lanka. Located near the northern province of Sri Lanka,  Medawachiya was a village on the border during the civil war. The Sri Lankan Civil War lasted for 30 years causing the village to be delayed in development. The team went to the school and provided school supplies and clothing. Near the end of their visit, they presented a new water tank to store purified water for the students to use. 

Gamunu Montessori

The Donate For Dreams members visited Gamunu Montessori in Galkiriyagama, Sri Lanka. The livelihood of a lot of people near the area is farming. Most parents don’t send their kids to school because they think it’s unnecessary; most kids grow up to be farmers. Prior to the tour, the team raised money to renovate the school. They were able to buy new desks, chairs, and provide money to repaint the school. The students prepared a showcase featuring dances and poems. The former students performed a traditional Sri Lankan dance.

We were also in the News

Our Projects got a lot of attention in Sri Lanka and our work was covered by multiple news outlets

Video Compilation for the projects

Vertex International School – Day 1
Vertex International School
Swarna Jayanthi Girls’ Orphanage – Day 2
Pahala Galkandegama School – Day 3

Gamunu Montessori – Day 4

Final Summary