Phase One: Daily Food Provision
Objective: To ensure girls in orphanages have access to nutritious daily meals.

In this phase, the “Donate for Dreams” organization has successfully secured a sponsor to
provide daily food for the girls in the orphanages- Kegalle until they become self-sustainable
with their own harvest. Through this initiative, we have been able to guarantee that the girls’
basic nutritional needs are met, thereby enhancing their physical and mental well-being.

Phase Two: Building a Sustainable Vegetable Farm (Greenhouse) with Cinnamon and Coconut

Objective: To develop a self-sustaining model for vegetable, cinnamon, and coconut production,
involving school children and government officials.

In phase two, our focus shifts towards fostering self-reliance and sustainability. “Donate for
Dreams” aims to establish a state-of-the-art vegetable farm, utilizing a greenhouse setup to
ensure year-round cultivation. Additionally, we plan to cultivate cinnamon and coconut to
diversify the produce and enhance future opportunities for income generation.

The project will actively involve school children from nearby schools, promoting the concept of
sustainable agriculture and environmental consciousness. Through educational programs and
practical experiences, we aim to inspire the younger generation to appreciate the importance of
agriculture and its role in supporting communities.

Furthermore, we are collaborating with government officials and local authorities to ensure that
the project aligns with the region’s agricultural policies and regulations. The involvement of
government officials will help facilitate necessary permissions and promote a sustainable
partnership for the long-term success of the initiative.

Phase Three: Providing Professional Training for Post-High School Graduation

Objective: To equip girls leaving the orphanages with essential skills for obtaining gainful
employment and becoming proactive problem-solvers in society.

Upon completing high school, the girls in orphanages often face challenges transitioning to
independent lives. The third phase of our project aims to address this issue by offering
professional training programs. These programs will focus on imparting skills relevant to the
current job market, such as vocational training, soft skills development, and entrepreneurship.

By empowering the girls with practical skills, we aim to enhance their employability and enable
them to contribute positively to society. Through this phase, we envision building strong and
independent individuals with problem-solving capabilities, encouraging them to be proactive in
tackling challenges they may encounter.

Overall Impact and Objectives
The “Donate for Dreams” organization’s project to help girls in Sri Lankan orphanages is driven
by a holistic approach towards transforming lives. By implementing the three phases, we intend
to achieve the following objectives:

Improve the overall well-being of girls in orphanages by providing them with daily nutritious
Establish a self-sustaining vegetable farm, cinnamon, and coconut plantation, involving local
school children and government officials, fostering environmental awareness and sustainable
agricultural practices.
Equip girls leaving the orphanages with professional training and skills, empowering them to
secure employment and become proactive problem-solvers within society.
Through the successful implementation of this project, we anticipate creating a positive and
lasting impact on the lives of these girls, breaking the cycle of dependency and vulnerability.
Moreover, by fostering a sense of self-sufficiency and empowerment, we aim to contribute to the
development of strong, resilient, and capable individuals who can actively participate in their
communities, thereby building a brighter and more prosperous future for Sri Lanka.

Budget and Timeline
The budget and timeline for the project will be prepared in detail and shared upon request. The
“Donate for Dreams” organization is committed to transparently managing funds and resources
to ensure their effective utilization for the maximum benefit of the project’s beneficiaries.

The “Donate for Dreams” project is a transformative initiative that seeks to empower girls in Sri
Lankan orphanages through sustainable approaches. By providing daily food, establishing a
vegetable farm, cinnamon, and coconut plantation, and offering professional training, we aspire
to create a positive and enduring impact on the lives of these girls. Through this project, we aim
to build strong, self-sufficient individuals equipped with problem-solving qualities, empowering
them to face life’s challenges with determination and optimism. We invite support from
individuals, organizations, and government bodies to join hands with us on this journey towards
empowering young lives and fostering a better future for all.